PAN scores and scripts available


PAN the musical scores and scripts are now ready for perusal. The show had a community theater premiere in Sept. 2013 and now we are looking for a theater group to bring PAN to the next level. Music, book and lyrics by Conrad Askland (Music director for Rock of Ages and Burn the Floor with NCL New York, former musical director for Cirque Du Soleil China, and composer of the musicals “Witches!” and “Romeo and Juliet”)

The PAN premiere received extremely strong reviews, full standing ovations for most shows and made a healthy profit. It is a strong show and it is complete.

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Thank You Skagit County!

A big thank you to Skagit County for your tremendous support on the premiere run of “PAN” the musical. It was a tremendous success. Your support helps ensure that live theater can continue to thrive throughout Skagit County, WA and beyond. Thank you for being a fun and interactive audience to our show, and know that the experiences on stage given to the children will be a positive life changing experience for many of them.

There is no bigger heart for the arts than the citizens of Skagit!


Director’s notes from PAN premiere

Director’s notes from Joe Bowen on the world premiere of PAN the musical.



Search the Web for “Peter Pan,” “Neverland,” and “Lost Boys” and you’ll get an endless number of references. It’s amazing. Since Conrad Askland walked into my house last Spring with a script idea and some songs floating through his mind, I’ve had to pause and consider how deeply this story is rooted in our hearts and minds. The names of this place and these characters are more than iconic; they’ve actually become root metaphors in our language. To get at this story, I’ve tried to understand why this is so. I can’t quite find the words, but perhaps Rainer Maria Rilke said it best:

“. . .even if you found yourself in some prison, whose walls let in none of the world’s sound – wouldn’t you still have your childhood, that jewel beyond all price, that treasure house of memories?”

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PAN writer’s notes from 2013 program

PAN writer’s notes from the 2013 program.


This is a world premiere. The music, script and orchestrations were all created for this run at the Lincoln Theatre. I hope some of you will take the time to give me feedback at www.PanMusical.com.

My sentiments and feelings are all fully expressed in the music and orchestrations which you will experience shortly. It is most comfortable for me to express in that way so I have nothing to add here. Now, let me take this short time we have together to tell you about my own mother.

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